Competitor Geofencing Advertising Management Services

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Aggressive Plan

$550 / month

  •   $1,000 - $3,600 monthly ad spend
  •   Up to 15 conversion zones
  •   Up to 50 competitor locations targeted
  •   Audience creation based on location and time

Market Leader Plan

15% of ad spend / month

  •   $3,600+ monthly ad spend
  •   Up to 50 conversion zones
  •   Up to 250 competitor locations targeted
  •   Event and conference targeting



Geofencing advertising focuses on the growth and outreach of the business by targeting your industrial events and also the fellow competitor’s location with a lot of accuracy.

  • They help in analyzing the business’s visitors and provide the appropariate approach for the increase in audience
  • They also help in increasing the growth of the business, its revenue and many other factors important for the business to flourish
  • Using their personal AI software, MarketingCloudFX, they help in tracking the conversions created considering the real-time searches as well as your campaign
  • Geofencing encourages customers to use the same website again after having hosted advertising campaigns and promoting it in a professional manner

Transparent Competitor Geofencing Advertising Management Services

Features Aggressive Market Leader
Monthly Budget Paid to Ad Networks $1,000 - $3,600 $3,600+
Web-Based Conversions
Location-Based Conversion Zones
Research Done to Identify all Competitor Locations
Ads Shown on Mobile Devices
Initial Banner Ads Created (300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 300x50, 320x50)
Campaign Demographic Setup
350+ Ad Exchanges, Networks and Publishers
12-sided Polygon Shapes
Fences as small as 1000 sq ft
Audience Creation based on Location and Time
Recency Targeting Up to 30 Days
Event Targeting
Conference Targeting (Great for B2B)
Custom Bulk Upload of Locations
Competitor Locations Targeted Up to 50 Up to 250
Conversion Zones Created Up to 15 Up to 50
Addressable Geofencing
--- Bulk upload of direct mail lists, prospective customer mailing/shipping addresses or list of addresses from client CRM 5,000 - 20,000 addresses 20,000 addresses
--- Address list curation based on location, demographic characteristics, interests and lifestyle
One-Time Setup Fee (First Month) $2,000 $3,000
Progressive Monthly Management (Ongoing) {Minimum campaign consecutive month duration: 6-months} $550 15% of ad spend (min. $550/mo.)
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